she was crying, give me three paragraphs

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

When I look at that super tall building, I remember. Right in front of me. I was already aware of the misery. Remarkable misery that was frightening to me after finishing that day. I walked while counting my steps; the further I went, the more crowded it became. I knew I had to put up with all of this when I walked into the room. To be honest, I was, am, and will be afraid. I feel fear permeate my entire body, but I just do my job of accompanying the precious one.

If I knew how painful it was for her, I might have cut off my hand just to make her believe that the option was completely suffocating. I don’t have a brave word to keep her away from her dark and tight decisions.

Last night, she cried herself to sleep. Hopefully, she will improve with time.
I’m not sure how she describes the pain, but I believe it was severe and will last forever. But she knows that no one knows her true feelings. Perhaps the unbearable pain became the incredible feeling that only she understood. I always wish her and her pain the best.



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